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MARC Solutions offers training and consultancy to a wide range of organisations.  We are committed to providing the best and most professional service for our clients, based on their individual needs.

Our extensive experience of operating in difficult and sometimes dangerous areas has helped build our knowledge. That knowledge and experience enables us to design and develop thoroughly absorbing training courses and a professional consultancy service for our clients.

In these pages, you will find information, photos and feedback from the clients we have worked with. Our work is fascinating, it takes us to far flung places that are off the beaten track, where we work with some of the nicest people on the planet.

We look forward to posting as many pictures and copy as we can about the enjoyable work we do.

We hope you enjoy it!

Paul Blench


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What we do is extremely important for our clients, how we do it is what makes us a good choice. Our approach is always professional calm and friendly and our testimonials show that. Whatever your needs, we offer a quick response, experienced consultants and trainers and great service at a realistic price. For more about what we offer, please read on.

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Jan Sadek:Ambassador Swedish Embassy Khartoum

The Embassy of Sweden in Khartoum has very much appreciated Mr Blench in his capacity as Overseas Security Manager at the UK Embassy in Khartoum. His competence has been essential not only to his own Embassy, but also to a large number of other Embassies in Khartoum, which, like the Swedish one, are small and are not equipped with security expertise. Mr Blench created a Security Group among Embassies and other International Organisations in Khartoum. He made sure that we could share reliable information through e-mails and text messages and he called for meetings with regular intervals. Through the information shared within the Security Group, we had always good information about the security situation in Khartoum and Sudan as a whole. Mr Blench's professional attitude made an enormous difference during the volatile days in September last year when the German Embassy was burned down and the US Embassy came under attack by demonstrators. Paul Blench will be very much missed by me and my colleagues at the Embassy of Sweden in Khartoum, and I know that other Embassies share my feelings. I hope that his talents and competence will be used in a similar capacity somewhere else in the world.


The stress session was great. Paul did an excellent job of creating a safe open space to share. Paul is an exceptional trainer. In a sector which includes a lot of bravado and ultra-masculine safety and security trainers. His approach and style was refreshing and very effective.

Ellie C:

Hi Paul, I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you profusely for such a brilliant training in Kettering this week. I really felt like I learned so much and having the opportunity to practice in simulated traumatic scenarios was so valuable. Thank you for your expert teaching and training and your guidance. It was much appreciated. Many thanks, E.C


Hi Paul I had a really good time and more importantly learnt a lot, not sure if I will ever be deployed but if I am I will be better equipped to do so. Again thank you for your help and kind support, it was much appreciated.

Sam:Global Institute

I really learnt a lot and Paul who looked after us and was utterly fantastic with our group. He knew his stuff, was patient and made us all feel at ease – even his jokes were a tad funny, sometimes!

Julia Maclean, Practice Manager:

“Paul Blench has provided the BLS training for Phoenix Surgery for the last two years. We have held two sessions each year, one for non-clinical staff and one for clinical staff. Both groups have found the sessions informative and entertaining and as a result have felt they were educational and worthwhile. I am already being asked if he can come back next year. I would definitely recommend Paul if you are looking for someone to provide your BLS training.”

Norwegian Refugee Council:

“On behalf of NRC I would like to thank Paul for his excellent teaching skills and courteous personality. He has helped us tremendously through the training; we have learnt so much from you; thank you for being remarkable.”

Ambassador, British Embassy:

“You showed courage and good judgement during the incident itself, providing leadership to the local guards, sanctuary to German diplomats and communicating effectively with me and London. Throughout the following week you did excellent work on the flow of information to staff, intelligence gathering from other and preparing contingency plans. You consistently gave high-quality advice and kept calm under pressure.”

Victoria P:British Council, Sudan

Thanks to Paul’s diligence, the British Council ex-pat-staff feel more connected to the Embassy and are much better informed about the security situation in Sudan. He has always been available to answer our questions & worries however small and his work is much appreciated by all.

Stephen A:British Midland Head of Aviation Security

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your consistent and professional approach in supporting British Midland International from Ethiopia to Sudan, your depth of knowledge on risk mitigation and aviation security has been impressive.